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Memories of a puppy love

Christmas of 1997.

'Picture-perfect' — an adjective best used to define moments worthy of much longer thought and admiration captured on camera.

Images that would paint a smile on your lips even when you are sleeping.

The adjective reminded me of my first love — puppy love as they say (why in heaven's name did they associate the first love of a kid to a canine?) during my high school years. I had wished then that the night would not end (had it been, I do not know if I would be able to write this!) so that I can keep the images in my mind. It all started with an innocent suggestion to exchange gifts to unknown schoolmates. Coincidence? Perhaps but maybe destiny has other plans. I happened to see her (shall we call her Sophie for elegance and beauty) prior to the scheduled time when we would exchange our little boxes. Butterflies in my stomach...sweat...yes, a lot of it! And panic. I never thought of seeing her there (I silently went around looking to find the good soul who invited her to this exclusive group) much yet with her little box wrapped in blue paper. I settled in a corner where I can see her and the rest of the people without attracting attention. Someone then called the gathering into order and began a short rant of the essence why we are doing this then started to sing 'I love my manito yes I do...' The whole crowd joined in and slowly, boxes were exchanged. One by one, my friends got their gifts and we're down to the last four (including my beloved crush). I discreetly swept a glance at her and closed my eyes hoping that lady luck is nearby and I would get hold of her hand...spare the gift, but I wanted to hold her hand even for a split of a second. My buddy offered his gift to my other lady friend and vice-versa. Mischief or maybe seriously by intent, he planted a kiss on her left cheek. Then the thunder of applause... At that moment, I felt sick. I wanted to leave. I wanted to find an excuse to disappear. I wanted to find out if this is somebody's idea of a joke. At the peak of the tension, her soft and mellow voice came through - 'Nick, I have no idea what to give you until I noticed your frequent stay at the library. I hope you would find my gift worthy of use.'

Here we are, superhero. It's just a woman. Where is your strength? It took me half of a second to respond, a bit too late for her to hold my hand while saying 'Merry Christmas'. As gentle as I could, I held her hand longer than expected and looked at her straight in the eye (the angel at the back of my head is yelling this time 'tell her. Speak out. You won't have this chance again! Go for it. Ask her!') And uttered the line (I stammered at the first few words) 'Sophie, I have here in this box my gift for my 'manita' which happens to be you (thanks to the heavens above). This is the material gift. The other gift would still be decided and acted upon if you will agree of it.'

Sophie froze and didn't say anything until I continued my little speech in front of my friends 'about the other gift, I was thinking if you will like the idea of a movie this weekend. Double O seven. Will you come?' 'It's not that I find it rude to say no, and I'm saying yes. It is because I never ever thought of being in a conversation with you. Everything I heard of, part of them are true, you choose your friends and the people you talk to while the other truth I discovered is that you can speak what you can write about. And yes to the movie...please help me make my parents understand.'

And so it went. I learned the art of arguing your point without sounding arrogant and naive yet persistent in the target response I wanted to get. Yes, I was very young and yes, I was trying to make it look alright for a sophomore to ask permission to date their lovely daughter (would you call it a date- by definition?). I got the usual stuff of inquiries about my parents, a lot of stuff, about my life in general. Then suddenly, supper's ready and I was about to take my leave when her Mom smiled and took my hand and led me to the table whispering 'you should taste my pork sinigang'. Speechless, I now sat in front of Sophie and her family. The conversation floated from academics (I did well in that category) to news and then finally, to the topic I wanted to drive my point through. Her Dad smoothly told me he could not allow me and his daughter on a trip to the city alone (for some reasons I did not bother to argue-out of fear, perhaps.) but since you wanted to watch a good movie, we will join you this weekend. You two will make your way to the cinema while my wife and I will be buying groceries and other stuff. Perhaps, in two hours, we should be meeting at some restaurant. Would that be alright to both of you?' I didn't bother to answer that question but stood up, and offered my hand to thank Him for approving of the date (again, was it ever a date- Sophie and I discussed this subject years after) then went back to tell Sophie I wanted the week to cut a few days (it was a Tuesday) for the weekend. I finished my food, few more idle chat then it was time to say good night.

As I left, I wished to talk to Sophie but she retreated to her room, only to find a curtain gently held sideways paving for her beautiful face to be seen. I walked away, with a huge smile painted on my lips while looking at a big problem in front of me. How am I going to ask for money to get Sophie a few things other than the movie ticket? Upon getting home, dad was busy cleaning the yard. A quick change of clothes and there I was, with my father trying to engage him in an animated conversation until I could find the perfect timing to ask for money, or better yet, to tell him about sophie-i choose the latter. I figured out dad will understand me better. And so, while picking up twigs, I dropped the bomb- 'Dad, I met a girl I wanted to date. Could you be of help? Daddy smiled and said, 'why, bring her here. It's good for you to think of that, son.' I hesitated but thought that this is my last chance of getting what I wanted so I pushed further 'I've been invited by her family to join them this weekend. They will be going to the city. I thought of asking her to see a movie. I would need some money.' It took dad few more seconds to respond but yes, I got what I wanted..So long as I would not skip my chores for the rest of the week, I can take my Sophie on a date (date, define date?).

The week passed and so the final day came. As I joined them on the bus, Sophie chose to sit beside her mother so I was forced to be with her father. I was not a good conversationalist but I was forced to talk, for good purpose. The 45-minute ride went smoothly. We talked about college plans, ambitions, relevant ideas, and news then suddenly, he gave me a stern-faced look and said 'I want you to know that I am a teacher. I would appreciate it if you will properly court my daughter, should it come into that. You are young. There is so much you will need to know. Do not hurry. You will have your time.' At my young age, I comprehended everything that was said and I was glad I did it right, for the first time. I calmly answered 'yes, I will be courting your daughter the proper way. No shortcuts.' Then he smiled. Off to the city we went, and finally, we parted ways. Sophie and I went to the cinema. I ordered popcorn and Cola-in-can. She took a large V cut by Jack and Jill. Off to the balcony we went (she held my hand since it was dark inside and I calmly placed my hand on her hips and guided her toward the middle row - a bit far from the rest but not too far (she might ask to go home!). All through the movie, we talked. We laugh, we tickled each other. We totally forgot ourselves and got immerse in the movie and into ourselves.

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